Spending hours studying a horses form can be a complete waste of time if you later find out that the horse you’ve been looking at is a non runner. Before you invest too much time with the form book why not check out all today’s non runners first! The feed is live and powered by Paddy (Paddy Power Bookmakers that is).

Here’s another good reason to check the non runners, lets say you fancy a horse for an each way bet, has a non runner in the race reduced your chances of getting paid out? A non runner can reduce the field past the point at which each way bets pay out on 3rd or 4th place, so it’s always worth check out on the morning of a race.

There’s a few rules that apply to non runners and betting, If you bet ‘Ante-Post’ (well in advance of the race) you will lose your stake unless the bookmaker advertises otherwise, an ‘Early Prices’ (on the morning of the race) normally means no runner-no bet, so you get your stake back. Late withdrawals, or horses that are deemed to have come under starters orders normally means a percentage of your stake is returned.