The Cheltenham Festival is really heating up and bookmakers across the land want you to bet with them! So in a series of new promotions, Paddy Power are the latest to throw their hat in the ring.

They have come up with a belter for new customers. And I should stress – it is only for NEW CUSTOMERS. So you’re out of luck if you already have an account.

However, if you do sign up today you can take a punt on the 2019 Cheltenham Gold Cup favourite, Presenting Percy at enhanced odds of 50/1!

He is around 3/1 to win the race with Paddy Power. But before you run out and put the house on it, there are definitely some limitations to the promotion.

  • Open a new account using promo code YHRC22
  • Maximum £1 bet applies
  • New Customer Offer only
  • Winnings paid in cash based on the normal price on site – the extra amount, bringing the bet up to the cumulative 50/1 payout, will be credited in free bets

As an example, using odds of 3/1, if you open a new account, use the promo code, bet £1 on Presenting Percy to win, and he does, you will get the normal cash payout of £3 (plus your £1 stake back) and the remaining £47 in free bets. That means you cannot withdraw it as cash.

Now that may take the shine off the offer for some. But don’t forget that you can use your free bets for any other wagers and if they win, you will get the cash for them!

As enhanced odds go that’s a pretty solid offer. Will Presenting Percy win the Gold Cup? Who knows. Only four favourites have won it in the last ten years. Maybe he will be the fifth, maybe he won’t. But if you want to open a new bookmaker account, and fancy risking £1 to find out, then go ahead!